“Chitakay SoundLab opens today in the growing world of sound art as a new alternative within the field of music production and sound design. This Collective based in Berlin, a cosmopolitan city and capital of contemporary art, takes up the challenge of opening the doors to musicians, producers and sound artists from other latitudes and through these establish the links between cultures that are so different but at the same time with an evident need for interaction and creation.”


In our studio we offer the following services:


recording / mixing / mixdown

Nowadays is it a huge problem for musicians in Berlin to find a suitable recording rooms where their projects can be edited and implemented professionally and to their liking. We would like to make our work accessible to a broad target group of artist, give them our professional advice, cooperation and support to reach your individual needs and requirements.  Why us? Interculturality, transversality  and flexibility are our trademarks.

sound design

How to bring your audiovisual projects or your performances into life? To put the right sound in the perfect moment and at the perfect time is not an easy job. Which element? Which texture? Sound synthesis? Field recordings? Show us your project and let us develop together a sound concept for it.

music production

Do you have any idea that you want to share with us? Are you already starting a new project but you don’t know how? We are proud to open the doors of our studio and listen to your music. Not only our ears, but also our technical equipment is at your disposal to shape your ideas.

voice over / adr / podcasting

Voiceover recordings are need in different fields of the growing phenomenon of audio production industry. In Chitakay we are open to carry out and adequate your productions, starting from the voice recording until the creation of the data media. Wether Audiobooks, Radio Features or any kind of audiovisual projects, in our studio you will find high quality voice record technics, reliability and flexibility.